Frenectomy in Fairport, NY

A “frenum” is a thin band of tissue. Several of these tissue bands exist in the mouth, such as at the midline inside of your upper or lower lip, or at the midline under your tongue.

An overly short frenum below the tongue restricts tongue movement and could affect speech. Shortened frenae on the inside of the lips may pull on the gum tissue. This can contribute to the gum receding away from the teeth, or cause a gap to show between the teeth.

Frenectomies are safe, simple procedures that dramatically improve comfort and freedom of motion in your mouth. A frenectomy is sometimes needed for dentures to fit properly, or to maintain the results of some orthodontic treatments.

Procedure: During the procedure, Dr. Carbonaro numbs the frenum and surrounding area with an anesthetic. Next, he carefully frees up the restrictive tissue. The site heals within several days, with immediate and gratifying results.

before and after tissue graft