Periodontal Maintenance in Fairport, NY

Periodontal Disease is similar to other chronic diseases, such as Diabetes. The key to control is early diagnosis and treatment, followed by prompt ongoing maintenance care.

This entails regular periodontal maintenance procedures (PMP). PMP will help in gaining control of the disease and increase your chances of keeping your teeth.

Within 3-4 months of treatment, periodontal bacteria can once again begin to overwhelm your body’s defenses.  Periodontal maintenance halts this bacterial growth before it results in new instances of bone loss.

Periodontal Maintenance Visit

Your Periodontal Maintenance visit will include:

  1. An update of your medical & dental history
  2. A periodontal examination & measurement of your periodontal pockets
  3. An oral cancer screening
  4. Tooth root cleaning & polishing
  5. Oral hygiene instructions

Team Approach

We work together with your general dentist as a team to provide you with the best possible care. Many times periodontal cleanings will alternate between our office and your general dentist.

During the cleaning at your general dentist’s office, they will concentrate on what is happening with your teeth above the gum line, whereas we will concentrate mostly on what is happening below the gums.  On-going PMP treatments in our office and dental visits and cleanings with your dentist will ensure your optimum oral health and the highest possible care.